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    Panda Logistics Co., Ltd
    Professional team of all – round supplying chain service

    Panda Logistics was established in April, 1989,beginning with the operation of ocean-shipping. The company extended its business to air freight in 1997 and began to establish related corporations in 1995. It is on the way to becoming the leading brand in the freight industry. At present, it employs over 4,500 people.

    Services provided by Panda cover comprehensive logistics, ocean/air- freight exports, air/ocean- freight imports, triangle trade, express delivery, exhibition business, customs and warehousing. The company’s operational scope extends across the globe, including South-east Asia, southern China, northern and central China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Europe, the Mediterranean, the United States, Canada, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, India and Pakistan.

    Panda Logistics
    is a learning team that is enthusiastic, professional and sharing
    Panda Logistics is an enthusiastic, professional and energetic team that analyzes, designs and integrates logistical services for its clients. It provides highly economical and efficient logistics solutions based around the specific demands of clients. By making the maximal application of limited resources, it is able to offer all-around customized logistics services and enhance competitiveness whilst reducing operational costs. While meeting the logistics and warehousing demands of Just-In-Time customers, Panda helps its clients to come out on top in an age where profits are marginal and competition is fierce.