• HR Management

    Outstanding Personnel are Behind Panda’s Excellence

        At Panda Logistics, personnel are our most valuable asset. They are also the key to keeping the company running. In order to maintain a highly qualified team of personnel, Panda offers an integrated learning system and a challenging internationally oriented working environment, thus allowing its personnel to give full play to their potential.

        Panda is dedicated to the sound operation of management mechanisms and is committed to innovation, the improvement of quality and the consolidation of core competitiveness in order to provide outstanding services to the satisfaction of our customers.

    Open Corporate Culture, Dialogue Spirit & Respect

        Panda has created a team-learning system that is oriented towards the internationalization of personnel and internationalized personnel. The system develops highly-skilled personnel that are capable of providing comprehensive logistics services.

    Integrated and Professional Team-learning System
    Training for New Employees The company makes new employees aware of the company’s philosophy, structure, culture and system so as to guarantee their rapid and smooth adaptation to new posts.
    Professional Training OJT(On the Job Training)We believe that OJT (On the Job Training) is the best mode of learning. Professional courses are offered to educate personnel with the basics.< /td>
    Management Capability Training For the middle-ranking management, the connecting link, management capacities are strengthened, such as the ability to inspire, cultivate and communicate. For senior managers, a variety of learning courses have been designed. Diversified training modes make management courses lively and enlightening.
    Internal Teachers Outstanding personnel from different fields are selected to act as internal lecturers to tie in with the learning system plan, thus allowing knowledge and experience to be passed-on to personnel in a first-hand way.
    Common Function The company lays emphasis on strengthening the basic working skills of personnel at the grass roots, such as communicative skills, EQ in the employment market and time management
    Panda Special Seminars The company invites experts from various fields to give regular lectures in order to broaden the horizons of personnel. Lecturers that have been invited include EQ expert Wu Juanyu, negotiation expert Li Zhicheng, and Prof. Zhang Xiangui, an authority on encouragement.
    Knowledge Management A full collection of shared textbooks on internal training and external training and information on external courses are available to provide an immediate and applicable learning space for personnel
    A Place to Brush-Up
    The library owns a fine collection of books on management, CDs and VCDs, for personnel to brush-up on at any time.